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Iconic and bold imagery, meticulously captured, freezes every subject in a composition of artful shots. It's your life featured in a stunning photo archive.


Cinematic visual style turns your occasion into an epic film event. Boutique motion pictures archive your affair and all of its beautiful little moments.


Our rare style of scrupulously crafted photo and film, sets our work apart from others. Subtle editing unites the production as a seamless artful composition.

The Fabric of My Work

Welcome! While writing this I was trying to think about when or why I first began doing photography or playing with a video camera. The first wedding I shot, family shoots, classes learning photo and video as an art form. Hanging out with my friends and filming everything I could. Then as I thought of those classes and videos of my friends, it was clear why I did those things. Half of it was to preserve moments of life and the other part was to make art.

For as long as I can remember I've made art. Photo and video are a way to capture and edit life in way similar to the paintings and drawings I've been doing my whole life. To me, art is, without a doubt, the most important ingredient when it comes to a great final product. Your world, your family, the great events and aspects of your life are magical and emotional. Any attempt to memorialize those things should reflect that same art and emotion.

I'm extremely grateful that I get to see so many things, capture so many memories and bring out the art in all of it. I look foward to working for you and working with you!

Mountain View
Owner-operator, White Robin Pictures

Simple Process

1. Book

Contact me to talk about your project. Wedding video packages start at $1,800. Photos - $1,300. Photo + video $2,500.

2. Deposit

A $200.00 down payment is required to reserve a time slot. Call early for better availability.

3. Scout

For on location shoots, I like to visit the location ahead of time to test exposure settings and make technical preparations.

4. Shoot

This is where the magic is captured! And the balance is paid - also very magical! Soon you'll get to see results!

5. Edit

A minimum of 2 weeks for photos and/or 3 weeks for video are needed for editing. A more specific time frame will depend on the specific project.

6. Deliver

You download and view the final product and you love it! Great job everybody! Wedding cake for everyone!